Stories written by former mushers

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Polardistans 2004 a story written by Lennart Andersson
Polardistans 2006 a story written by Michael Schmidt-Nägel (SV)
Polardistans 2006 a story written by Michael Scmidt-Nägel (DE)
Polardistans 2011 a story written by Susanne & Andi Akeret (DE)

Polardistans 2015 a story written by Klaus Barth
Polardistans 2016 a story written by Lars Jämtsved (SV)


Polardistans 2008 a story written by Katerina Paleckova läs mer
Polardistans 2011 a story written by Susanne & Andi Akeret läs mer
Polardistans 2017 a story written by Angelika Dietrich läs mer

Skicka gärna in fler berättelser till oss/Please send us more stories about your experiences from Polardistans: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WSA Reports

Polardistans 2017 WSA Bericht von Teun & Chris (DE)
Polardistans 2017 WSA Report by Teun & Chris (EN)

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