Polardistans 2019 week 10.


  • Veterinary inspection starts on Monday, March 4.
  • The first start is Tuesday, March 5, for the Nordic drivers.
  • On Wednesday, March 6, sledding starts 300 km and 160 km.
  • Final goal is Friday 8 March at 4:00 pm
  • The award ceremony will be conducted outdoors on March 8 at 19:00 in connection with Kolbulle.
  • A more detailed schedule will be published later this autumn.


Anders Hörnlund

Chairman SPHK

Age of dogs for Polardistans

Age of dogs for Polardistans

Polardistans as a competition is in line with the Swedish Polar Dog Club (SPHK) statutes which, among other things, means preserving and developing the specific characteristics of the races. The basic idea of ​​Polardistans is to test the ability of our registered polar dogs to work for a longer period of time, with the ability to test the dogs' polar features. Polardistans is also one of the most important tests when evaluating breeding animals and the results of the breeding we conducted.

At the beginning of the 2000s when Polardistans had gone a few times, it appeared that B dogs were slightly later developed in their body and often had injuries in the wrists and shoulders. Therefore, it was decided that the age would be raised to 24 months.

Qualifications / working test

This then followed when the working test were drafted. In order to test the ability of the dogs, the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) has approved the working samples developed by SPHK's  dog breed clubs. In the working test rules it is stated that dogs who qualify for DP100 + and DP 250+ (km) must be at least 24 months on the competition day. This has been approved by the SKK Test and Competition Committee and can not be changed before the next revision, which will start in 2022. All dogs participating in Polardistans conduct in working tests and the rules for working tests stands higher then IFSS competition rules (according to the Swedish Kennel Club).

Dogs carrying out work tests are entered in the SKK Breeding Register, which everyone has access to. It is also a requirement to get a polar dog champion and show champion.


"3.4 Ålder på hund

Hund som deltar på DP10, DP20+ eller DP60 ska på första provdagen ha uppnått 18 månaders ålder. Vid DP100+ och DP250+ ska hunden ha uppnått 24 månaders ålder på första provdagen. Ingen övre åldersgräns finns." Meriteringsregler


No dispenser allowed.

Anders Hörnlund
Chairman SPHK
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On race day(test day) the dogs will achieve this age:





Alaskan malamute

24 month

24 month

DP 100+
DP 250+

Greenland dog

24 month

24 month

DP 100+
DP 250+


24 month

24 month

DP 100+
DP 250+

Siberian husky

18 month

24 month





Masstart 2019


Polardistans 2019 will change the starting procedure back to "mass start" down on the lake . Each class starts separately. In case of classes with few participants, two or more classes can start together. Drivers will have plenty of time between the starts in order to drive their dogs to the ice, in a safe manner.

At the starting area, there will be posts, frozen solid in the ice, with at least 2 meter intervals, probably more. The driver secures the starting line at the bottom of the post, and uses two anchors. The handler is allowed to hold the dogs before start. The drivers who need a calmer start can wait 1 minute and start after the mass start.

Nordic starts Tuesday, March 5, and sled starts Wednesday, March 6th. First team over the finish line wins, no time equalization. Start time is easy to register in advance in K2.

For safety purposes, there is a "safety scooter" in case a team gets loose or if anything else happens. IFSS Rules, Swedish Translation 14.2 Mass start (page 7)

We will return to the mass start procedure at the driver's meeting

// Anders Hörnlund

Back to Basics


Polardistans has grown as an arrangement, over the past few years. We who engage in and organize Polardistans wish to get back to the simplicity and basic values when it comes to arrangement and participation. Therefore Polardistans 2019 will be arranged under the motto "Back to Basics".

So what does the term "back to basics" mean for Polardistans?
Polardistans, as a long distance competition, is reasonable similar in regards to the "modern" conditions we see in competions today and at the same time close to the original way of using our polar dogs. The competition is also in line with SPHK's statues. The basic idea is to test our registered polar dogs' abilty to work for longer periods of time as well as testing the dogs' polar abilities. Polardistans is also one of the most important tests when evaluating dogs for future breeding as well as the results of our current breeding.

Polardistans was from the beginning a form of nature experience in mountain environment where men and women participated on equal terms. The term "Keep calm and get back to basics" gives you, as a driver, comfort that you will be able to find your way home even if you get lost. That's why it is very important to have experience, be well prepared and have knowledge of how the mandatory equipment works. If the dogs are healthy and well prepared they are the least of problems. Weakness lies in man and the decisions he or she makes.

So "back to basics" and enjoy it!

/Anders Hörnlund

New Rules WC 2018

Upon agreement whit WSA, Polardistans has the permission to have three (3) starting teams an the minimum limit for WC Status.
We are waiting for the closure of the registration before taking any further descitions.

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